1 Billion Mobile Subscribers! The whole China is Ringing

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Studies about China always lead to jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring impressions. Recent reports go with no exception. Since we all know that world is becoming smarter and more efficient with the use of smart phones, China is most active in taking the juice of the fruit.

Number of mobile subscribers in China has exceeded 1 billion. There are almost 6 billion mobile subscribers in the world and among them only 331.6 million mobile subscribers belong to US. So this shows number of mobile subscribers in China are 1/6 of the world and 3 times greater than that in USA.

Even, the number of mobile internet users in China is greater than the population of USA or Europe. There are 431 million mobile users who use internet on their cell phones.

China is new largest mobile market of the world. Before China, USA was largest market for smart phones owing 16% of the total shipments. China laid out 22% of the total shipments. Globally, 146 million smartphones were shipped and it means that 32 million phones were shipped to China.

Above stats are quite mind-boggling and tell that mobile industry of China is getting only bigger and bigger. So, naturally it is right to wonder about what Chinese people are doing with these mobile phones. In 2nd quarter of 2011, Samsung contributed 22% market share and Nokia had 15%.

It looks as all stage is set for tech eager-beavers. 431 million Chinese Mobile internet users offer a great financial potential for apps developers and business people. It is expected that soon this figure would reach half a billion. So, working on Chinese users’ demands would be a next big thing in mobile apps development. Kung-Fu is already integral part of current Hollywood films and it looks soon our phones would also ring with the tunes of Chinese traditional flutes.

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