HP Committed to Sweep Tablet Industry with new Tablet — The Die is Cast

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Hewlett-Packard is yet again tugging in its trousers to compete the Tablet marathon. While running over future plans, HP made it public that it is going to re-engage in production of Tablets and the new one would have Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. HP is tuning in with Windows 8 layered on its new device because it is said that this new OS would let the devices to share and save the content across various devices. HP think tank assumes that this feature would allow a large number of buyers to tag on to HP’s tablet. Their new ordeal would pluck the new strings in the theatre of windows phone application development.

Tablet magnate, Apple, has launched its iPad in this March and it was the strongest iPad launch and within 3 days of its launch Apple sold 3 million iPads. Apples share of the tablet market has already rose to 68%. iPad app development is the most treasured aspect of the device that brings customization to the device. How would Hewlett-Packard make a mark on this ground where its rivals are leaving no room to breathe?

HP’s earlier endeavors into tablet have not been able to rouse some positive remarks. Last summer, HP launched its TouchPad and it it was forced to backpedal just by the end of August. Due to poor sales, HP had to amputate the prices of its webOS slate as a last refuge. But Windows 8, consorting new tablet, would help rearing HP’s dangling existence. Todd Bradley, the executive vice-president for printing personal systems, added that new tablet would be structured with cloud based technology. Thus, Windows 8 suffices Metro interface and compatibility with ARM architecture devices which could ultimately offer some challenge to Apple.

Considerable increase has been observed in tablet market consumption and most of the PC users are planning to shed off their desktops and gearing up with tablets. Likewise, 22% of the businesses are also looking excited to get to the tablets for their work. Based on these trends, Chief Executive Meg Whitman said that resuming tablet production would strategically help in drawing advantage of palming tablet market. How far HP’s venture would be successful, it is a matter of time now to see. However,   web development companies  fostering massive app market place are also appreciating this move as quite positive and encouraging.

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