72% Of the Customers Abandon Shopping Cart Sales Due To Bad User Experience

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Based on report released by Fireclick/DigitalRiver, customers’ shopping cart abandonment has increased to 72% this year. Earlier in 2011, percentage of customers skipping the shopping cart sales was 62.31%. Anyhow, based on 14 different studies conducted throughout the years, average documented shopping cart abandonment rate is 65%. This means that on average 65% of the potential customers quit shopping online. “Why?” 65% on average and 72% particularly in 2012 customers flew away and did never make sales. There are some statistics about why customers abandon shopping online. 70% of the customers abandoned the cart shipping purchases because of bad user experience. 22% customers argued that shipping prices weren’t clearly mentioned. 14% said that there were no ‘guest checkouts’ so they had bang the cart site forcefully shut. 12% complained of little information regarding the products and said that products lacked both visual and textual information. 11% customers felt sick of slowness of the site so they also preferred quitting cart shopping. All these stats are shouting at the bad user experience that customers undergo during the online shopping process. E-commerce solutions would have brought better and soothing results. Magneto E-commerce provides most efficient user-friendly interface and its usability is always on top of the list. But, the web stores, as the report says, often fail to perform when website owners try to practice under-hand tactics with customers. It’s never too late to mend. If you think that your e-commerce website needs an overhauling or you’re a startup and want to engage in e-commerce, you need some expert web development company which may not only understand your requirements but should also have strong appreciation for online consumer behavior.
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