Android And iOS Phones Sweeping Across the Smartphone Industry

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It looks as the world of technology is bi-polar only; one seized by Google and the other lodged in by Apple. Google’s Android phones and Apple’s iOS phones are the most culminating products that bring them to this di-archaic polarization.

The data related to mobile phone industry for the first quarter of 2012 has been released and it shows that 8 out of 10 smartphones shipped were either Android based or they were iOS catered. During that period, out of total 152.3 million shipments, 89.9 million were of Android phones that constitute 59% of the market share. Where as Apple’s iOS based phones had 35.1 million shipments which comprise 23% of the total market share. The rest of the six constituents averaged below 10% market share.

This report is quite crucial for mobile application developers who are looking for potential consumers. It needs no explanation anymore that Android application development offers most prospects and the apps built for Android smartphones would practically be able to reach wider community.

But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that iPhone app development is on its last legs. iPhone apps have tremendous track record for bearing consumers hands. iOS apps in Apple’s App Store have been downloaded 25 billion times which is phenomenal achievement and shows the ‘higher reach and frequency’ meter. iPhone app developers have another trump card over Android apps. Most of the iOS devices holders live in Countries such as America, UK, Australia and Canada and these users feel higher ratio of mobile app consumption as compared to Android market less penetrated in those countries.

HP’s windows 8 based tablet and Nokia’s resurrection would bring more expansion to mobile application development. But until then, android and iOS developers are having their cakes with icing over it.
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