Android ICS: Quantum leap from Earlier Versions

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The latest version of Android- Ice Cream Sandwich goes light years ahead of other OS by ushering in brand new features. Google is hitting wonders without losing, even for a second, power and versatility that gave other OS a red card. There are some features that are even beyond top-drawer and that deeply fit in with both your smartphones and tablets.

Firstly, Android ICS brings a bit of light relief for developers. Earlier developers had to run through various factors and then design separate apps for tablets and smartphones. New Android ICS works on smartphones with same efficiency as on tablets. So now, android app development would surely observe a gold rush and number of Android apps would also increase in the long run.

Not only that but Android ICS comes up with also a new theme called Holo which is simply best looking for Android devices. If the device has Android, it must have Holo themes as they were designed. If the device does not bear this theme, it won’t be able to access Android market. Making Holo theme as parent mould, customization would need conforming standards set ny Holo.

Furthermore, using Android brings a lot of ease and comfort. While using various apps, thumbnail view of other running apps in system bar is always there. Tapping a thumbnail makes switching and swapping through applications a lot quicker and easier.

Besides, launching apps from android was always breathe easy but what was irksome about  them, it was uninstalling them. To uninstall, you have to go deep down in the backwaters of setting menu and then have certain apps deleted. Simply by drop-and-drag option, new Android version makes uninstalling as easy as pie.

New Android beam feature lets users to exchange data without connecting to any email service or instant messenger. This feature lets the devices knock each other and start sharing data in a wink. A real icing on the cake!

Android leaves no stone unturned in making photo experience ‘a fun party’. Once you are done with taking pictures, there are a lot of tools including rotate, crop, resize, auto enhance and remove eye etc. that vivify the picture. You can also define levels and add Instagram-style filters.

Lock Screen feature makes phone secure and sufficiently accessible at the same time. This feature makes it possible to view your emails, music controls and take pictures without unlocking your phone. Similarly, there is a brand new chrome mobile web browser that lets the Android devices to sync with laptops or computer bookmarks. For offline reading, web pages can be saved as well.

So, based upon these features, you can make good decisions for your next device purchase.

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