Apple Developers 2012 — New MacBook, iOS, Siri and Maps

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Apple knows how to play marketing while keeping its trump cards close to its chest and no wonder few know anything until the cat comes out of the bag. Apple’s annual WWDC 2012 was held other day and lot of ground-breaking news were strewed for tech cosmos. If you’ve missed the conference, don’t panic. We’ve done some thorough reporting over it. So, here we have some bits from Apple’s worldwide developers’ conference.

First of all, it would be wise to describe the things that didn’t find any room on other night’s posse comitatus.
  • There were no news about Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Declaration of iPhone launch would find some other event.
  • No lights over Apple’s much anticipated TV device/HDTV
  • No catch up with iMac which was supposedly getting  Retina Display upgrade
No-No ends here. So let’s find what spouted from Apple expandables 2012. MacBook Air

Games-mania would reach unprecedented levels of entertainment because Apple’s MacBook has got been empowered with 60% faster graphics efficiency, 3rd Gen latest Intel Core i5 amd i7 processors, and 8 GB memory.

MacBook Pro

Honestly speaking, MacBook pro was the icon of whole conference. The next gen MacBook Pro brings highest resolution of display among the whole industry’s laptop pack; 15-inch Retina display (2880 x 1800). Besides 2.6 GHZ quad core Intel i7 coupled with Turbo Boost, 8 GB memory, 768GB of storage, GeForce NIVIDIA graphics, 720p HD camera and 7 hours battery of web browsing increase awfulness of MacBook Pro. And all these features are stuffed only in 1.8 cm high and 2.02 Kg heavy device.

iOS and Siri

iphone and iPad developers can relish brand new iOS to venture apps. But let’s save it for some other dedicated article. Siri would get the due respect. Siri has reached new levels of maturity and now can be valued as real life voice assistant. Interestingly, it has learnt Canadian and would support location-centric inquiries. It’s being rolled out in 3rd Gen iPad.

Other big thing about the iOS 6 is Maps.

iOS Maps Apple has finally confirmed that it has dumped Google maps once for all as it has come up with its own maps service. It means that from now on, we would have to live without ‘street view’ a feature that we have grown addicted to. But let’s know some other features gained in the bargain.
  • Maps are integrated with Yelp which makes discovering and contacting local businesses, breathe easy.
  • Real-time traffic updates; updates about traffic status, crowd congestion etc.
  • An elegant every-second navigation to get directions
  • Voice prompted task-accomplishment; Siri would respond to the queries
  • In-depth 3D graphics to make mapping experience more real and more exciting.
So, here were some bits of the most exciting news from Apple’s WWDC 2012. Now, we are waiting for the news about next generation iPhone’s launch and then we’d see how it affects whole mobile application development industry.
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