Apple Unbeatable With $ 560B Market Cap — iPhone Makes Apple the World’s Most Valuable Company

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As of July  2012, Apple has reached yet another milestone of having $599 per share which means that its total market capitalization gets to $ 560 B. Below is picture taken from Google Finance today.

As far as I can look back into past, Apple was never that much highly applauded tech celebrity around the world. Untill 2006, people only knew about Apple and its service and as soon as iPhone broke into the world, Apple has risen like any mythical phoenix.

So, lets dig into Apple mania.
  • Apple has sold 218 million iPhones uptill now which in return have generated a stream of revenue which MSFT’s whole range of services collectively cannot compete with.
  • iPhone produced $22.69b in last quarter which comprises 58% of the total revenue of the company.
  • Apple’s total revenue generated from Oct 94 to Sep 06, was just $139b, whereas iPhone’s total revenue generated in last 5 years is $143b.

Though users feel quite elated while using touch screen interface and watching highly visual icons yet iPhone apps have given iPhone the life that once Apple could only dream of. iPhone app development have brought millions of apps in App store and users use them all the time for making their experience more pleasant.

iPhone’s biggest competitors are Google and Samsung. Google’s open source Android OS and Samsung’s Galaxy line aren’t leaving the ground empty any more. What comes next, I leave it for you to think.

Let’s watch Apple’s Success story below:

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