Apple’s WWDC 2012 Unveils iOS 6 — iPhone 5 Release Date Due For Some Other Day

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Apple’s WWDC 2012 was passionately being awaited in tech cosmos as supposedly it bore the news about ‘iPhone 5 release date’ along with other Apple 2012 ventures. Sadly, there aren’t any confirmations made about iPhone 5’s roll out but there’s still big news. Apple’s annual developers’ conference would serve up details about ‘Apple’s next generation mobile operating system -- code named Sundance. The sources have confirmed that,

‘New iOS 6 would be the most powerful and advanced operating system in mobiles industry. Apple would bring its own 3d map app, Facebook integration, ipad-baked Siri ’ iWallet, store redesigns, live updating widgets and bucket of other features with this new iOS 6.’

Though the features catalogue can stretch to various pages as the rumor mills are also vying for flapping at the same bit. Nevertheless, things are getting pretty much clear now and we can assume that as soon as iOS 6 rolls out in the market, mobile application development would again reach new levels of estrus. iPhone app development was dipping down noticeably over last 3 months or so and likewise, Samsung’s Galaxy 3 had also wiped iPhone 4 demand in the market place. So, this is best time for Apple to tout some fresh and brand new products.

Apple’s iPhones have almost reached the level of saturation in European markets and that’s why Apple has to bring integrated products rather quickly in the market place so that its customers may stay glued with its products. So, it is expected that Apple’s some solid and original news about iPhone 5 would soon shine in tech bulletins.

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