Battle of Social Widgets: 24% Of World’s Top 10,000 Sites Use Facebook’s Official Widgets

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Social Media Marketing has gained some exceptional momentum over last couple of years and after organic searches, major part of the traffic is referred by social media. According to the reports, world’s top 10,000 websites feel that social media integration is crucial to traffic referrals and conversion rates as well.

The study tells that 24.3% of top 10,000 sites have integrated Facebook’s official widget on their homepages. It’s important to note that this is only for homepage integration and if we count percentage for the whole website including all pages, this percentage increases even two times greater, i-e 49.3%.

The others significant competitors in line are Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Though Twitter features only on 10% of homepages yet it leads to 41% site links. In terms of homepage integration, Google+ is structured in 13% of sites and likewise 12.3% include links to G+. LinkedIn is incorporated only on 0.6% homepages and only 0.3% use its share button.

Though Facebook potency over the other SNS is quite obvious, there isn’t any point of underrating other social sites. Integrating other social plugins gives choice to the customers which is necessary for better user experience.

The study is quite important in terms of understanding trends in website designing and internet marketing and it stresses on the driving influence of leading social media networks on businesses. If you’re running business which is customer driven or even customer obsessed, integrating these widgets can put you in the limelight of the industry.

Being a premier web development company, we put such studies for our friends so that they can also widen their prospect range and have better reach to their ideal client base.
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