Best Social Networking Sites For Businesses — You Can’t Wear The Same Dress On Each Place

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Our clients in different parts of the world, in particular and, all the businesses in general,  often ask whether their ideal market rests on Facebook or its on Google+, and on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, all of these social networks offer gigantic user base, at least quite enough to create brand advocacy across the internet. But when it comes to conversions, studying population type becomes rather more driving factor behind launching marketing campaigns.

There are some of widely known facts about particular social platforms. I am afraid, businesses don't realize their importance and are later found complaining the futility of their time and resources. So, I am categorizing some of important SNS according to their dominant utilities so that you may work well in gaining sound grounds.


  • Facebook has over 900 million active users and most of them use FB for connecting with friends and families. Users therein behave quite same as sitting in their drawing rooms or friends gathering at college cafeteria. So, any implied sales pitch would readily be discarded.
    So, keeping this in mind, Facebook shouldn't be used as visible sales portal, it should rather be used for brand awareness and brand visibility and increasing market penetration. If you want to show your company's social aspects, human understanding, employees passion, you can do this well. Since each business deals with humans, so clients also want to know the humanitarian side of your business. Be smart and energetic on Facebook. Instead of posting odd blog links on your Company Fan Page, try to post some recreational stuff and some societal considerations. Create 'real activity' on your page.


  • Google+ has over 100 million users and just like on Facebook, users can update their status, share links and images and comment on others' posts. But as a matter of fact, population on Google+ isn't relations' centric. Users mostly make circles on the basis of their profession and interest. So, here you can find refined user base depending upon your target market.People gauging Google+ potentials readily start comparing it with FB's user base and average active sessions. It's a fact that people use Google+ just for average 3 minutes as compared to 8 hours on Facebook. But, Google+ is still an investment that would bring fruits, though steadily but for surely in the long run.


  • Twitter is a dark horse. It has over 465 million users and lets its users to break up short news in the form of tweets. People use it to share interesting content, build personal connections and know celebrities' status etc.The top famous people over Twitter aren't its founders as Mark on FB. They include Lady Gaga, Shakira, Rihana, Justin Bieber etc. Anyhow, brands and companies can also create a buzz around Twitter by doing some intelligent micro-blogging. Your content would create your followers. It can be taken as a virtual press club that best suits to broadcast your official news and let your client base know about it. So don't ever underrate Twitter because you'd have to suffer for that in the long run.


  • LinkedIn has almost 1 million active users in over 200 countries of the world. It's a professional social networking site that allows connecting and stretching professional network with a person's whole professional career's information. Users use this for knowing and sharing business development ideas and finding talented employees.
    If you are a company, you can also set up a LinkedIn account and join your industry groups where you'd find birds of flock bringing new development ideas and sharing their experiences for better business practices. Besides, you can also find prospects in those groups and weave them into your business network. You can also find your ideal employee at LinkedIn as it allows users to make a professional resume like profile that includes all your experience, objectives, academic background, achievements and most importantly recommendations. If you are wondering about your brand's marketing potentials and opportunities, feel free to contact us.
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