Beware — Photo Posted at Facebook Leads to Home Robbery

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Online privacy risks aren’t reduced only to the loss of virtual information, you can have some bigger and physical risks as well. Such is the story that attracted millions of social network users.
“In Australia, a 17 years old girl posted a picture showing ‘large sum of cash’ and as a result robbers broke into the house. The girl took the picture of money of her granny’s savings stacked in piles and shared on her Facebook account around 4PM on last week. And just after 5 hours, two robbers wearing masks dashed into the house; address too taken from Facebook profile, and then asked for the money that they saw on social site. The BBC reports added that no one was hurt and money was not found as well. So, the robbers left soon with the little they could get. Lately the girl removed the ‘Picture’ from the profile ’.

‘Whats up and how’re you dude’ isn’t the only thing that social media networking. ‘Hands up and remove your money’ is also trailing all over the time. So, the social media network users need to keep their eyes open and maintain a secure channel of privacy. Almost all the social networking sites offer handsome amount of privacy tools and you can always put filters and control the flow and visibility of your information around the internet. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

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