‘Business Acquisition Phenomena in 2012’ – Google Acquires Meebo For ‘Undisclosed’ Sums

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Business acquisitions have always been observed throughout the business history, but 2012 bore some wonderful acquisitions in its tech womb. News of one acquisitions die not when some other influential acquisition takes place. This is ‘Google’s Meebo’s Acquisition’ that I’m talking right now because it has been reportedly done for undisclosed sum.

Back in 2005, The Mountain View; the-then startup launched  Meebo a messaging app for the browser and ever since its first app, it has brought much fruit in mobile apps development and social media app development for online communications. As of 2012, company has raised $63 million in revenue.

Google already have so many apps and tools for communication such as Google+, Google Talk and Hangouts. So, how would Google integrate Meebo into its services inventory, intrigues most of the web analysts. Some claim that this acquisition would have made some sense if it were to take place in 2006, but honestly speaking, Google has better business analysts and advisors in its laps.

Modern business acquisitions isn’t all about buying ‘hens laying golden eggs’, it’s about rather having hands on employees. This type of acquisitions helps buyers to gain country and market knowledge directly with investment and without burning into learning processes.

Here’s a call for modern web development companies; both startups and grownups. Just drive the demand of your product/service and soon the world rushes towards you. By large, this is what 2012 market trends are forecasting. Web application development and mobile application development are now the best portals that can bring you the fortunes, provided that you work proper business homework first. By this, I mean ‘Vision’.

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