Business Facts 0f 2012 — Customers Are Ignoring The Businesses That Ignore Their Moods & Ideals

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As we have entered an age where customers are undoubtedly the ‘boss’ of every business, it has become imperative to conduct extensive research on customer behavior. Being premier E-Business consultants, we take pride in helping our business clients in devising customer driven marketing strategies and ultimately in increasing ROI substantially.

Under the same gesture, we have done extensive data research and are able to present you with key marketing facts. Knowing and fully understanding these facts wouldn’t only provide you with insights in your consumer industry but would also help you in exploring subsequent niches to reach prospects efficiently. So, let’s get into the core subject.

Product Research has gained unprecedented importance while doing Online shopping

50% of the total time spent on online shopping is primarily expended in pre-sales product research. While doing product research, prospects analyze the whole range of service providers/manufacturers and try to understand their different marketing mixes. Likewise they tend to know the post sales reviews mainly focusing on the quality of the products/services and customer services operations.

Search Engines are generally the starting points for product research

While running errands for product research, especially for branded products, customers first kick off with search engines. 44% of online shoppers start that way. So, keeping the high rankings for keywords is potentially most handsome approach to get potential leads and easy customers.

Inbound Marketing is getting into athletic boots  and 90% of businesses are diverting their outbound marketing budget to inbound marketing tactics

The former dominant customer reach tactic; outbound marketing is dipping dramatically and 90% of businesses are now determined to focus heavily on devising inbound marketing strategies. Rather than doing seminars, trade shows, internet cold calling, outsourced telemarketing and ‘interruption advertising’, businesses are now realizing that customers are blocking them hard. So, inbound marketing is the next generation plan where quality customers would be pegged through search engines, social media and blogosphere.

Average budget spent on company blogs and social media pages has tripled over last 3 years

First of all, lets see how businesses have generated customers through company blogs and social media.

Since, customers are getting tougher and now they response quite aggressively to old fashioned interruption advertisings, businesses are likely to spend more efforts in building their socio-business view adequately. In order to know about business visions and market reach, public tends to reach company blogs and social media fan pages. Ultimately, budget spent on company blogs and social pages have increased 3 times over last 3 years.

You should do it ASAP:

Let’s review some important content words of the article. Product research, search engines, inbound marketing, company blogs and social media pages are words of driving importance in modern business plans. So, following are some of the lines which must help you in devising your marketing tactics, regardless of the business type you are engaged in.
  • Make your website search engine optimized so that customers may find you while searching on search engines. Not optimizing for search engines means that 44% of your product consumers would buy from other sellers without even knowing about you.
  • Make your website your business office; a place that fully touts your business expertise. From design to content, each and every speck of it would cast pleasant impressions upon your visitors.
  • Use social media fan pages/business pages for both reaching other birds of flock and increasing market penetration. The more the users on your fan pages, the more the quality leads and conversions!
  • You cannot fully revise your whole content on your website. Can you? In order to make it updated, use your company blogs efficiently. This will increase your website traffic, help you in optimizing in accordance to search engines and eventually create buzz for your business.

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