Come on, none of our guys sleeps hungry.
Your career at RED SIGNAL is a rewarding journey that is followed by highly competitive compensation package which offers a range of rewards, incentives and benefits that address the varying needs of employees.

Our only expectation from you is to ‘Put your Best Effort on Your Projects’ and satisfy your clients. Apart from salaries, we have loads & loads of allowances and benefits.

  • Medical and Hospitalization Cover for you, your spouse and children
  • Bonuses, Gifts, Free shopping and Coupons
  • Salary Advances and Loans
  • Meal after working Hours upto Rs. 400/meal
  • Annual Leave Encashment, no one does it like we do
  • Winter Trips and Long Summer tours
  • Hangouts, Dine outs and Movie Nights
  • Birthdays, Events and Occasions’ Celebrations
  • 1.5x and 2x payment for working on Holidays