Turn a theme park into bleeding edge Digital Lab or a digital lab into theme park – It’s RED SIGNAL, anyways.
Welcome to the club!

Each day at RED SIGNAL is mixed with new adventures, new opportunities and new challenges. There are client meetings, deadlines, requirement analysis, coding after coding… a lot is going through us each second.

But at the end of the day, all we are doing is ‘Helping Them Grow’. By them, we mean our clients (in case you thought ‘them’ is management). We have brutally killed all worn out old school rungs of traditional management where Rob tells Peter to ask John go to Rob and tell him George has completed tasks, so as Rob could update client accordingly. That’s bullshit.

We work with clients on different engagement levels, most of the times, we report directly to our clients. Besides, each one of has already passed handholding age and before joining RED SIGNAL, already have served at key Managerial Titles.

Are you grown enough to manage yourself. Are you experienced enough to sit with clients and listen them, follow them, help them, educate them and most of all, satisfy them?

If yes, join us. We have Core i7 iMacs for designers and developers. iPhone 5S, iPad 3, and hell of Android devices for QA. For smart people, we have foosball, 9-foot (4.5′ x 9′) Pool Table. In case, you plan to put on some weight, we have Super Slim LEDs to watch movies. We don’t share our headphones and glasses.

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