Drawing A Battle Line between Google+ and Pinterest

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Google+ and Pinterest are rocking the tectonic plates of marketing world and both are a dab hand at getting the businesses adoption. Google+ boasts of 170 million active users and Pitnerest is hailed as 3rd most popular social network in the US. Internet marketers’ eyes are literally pinned to these new business marts with exploding marts. But choosing any one of them is an uphill task and needs some research.

Teams deployed on Internet Marketing Services at Red Signal have managed to compile data that would help marketers and business entities in analyzing marketing opportunities and developing strategies. A comparative picture offering various aspects of both Google+ and Pinterest is given below.

Google+ managed to sweep 20 million users within first 3 weeks of its launch and now it has 170 million active users. Google+ is expected to have more that 400 million users as the last sun of 2012 sets in. 63% of current users are men and more than half of current users are college students and software developers who write and read about technology. Google+ button directs 3.5 times higher traffic on your web because sharing web content becomes breathe easy. The best part of Google+ is its integration with organic search engines. Content shared in the form of blogs or updates is more likely to attract search engines, eventually leading to more ROI for your business. Google+ allows you to create dedicated Brand-Centric pages. Last and very crucial study tells that Americans spend 3.3 minutes on their Google+ accounts.

On the other hand, Pinterest is the newest entrant in Social Media marathon. Surprisingly Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social platform among Americans; with only Facebook and Twitter ranking above. There are 10.4 million active users for Pinterest and 83% of them are women aging between 18-34 years. In January 2012, there were 11 million unique visitors to the site which makes Pinterest the most visited site in the world. Pinterest is one of the best image-driven sites in the social networking domains. Total average time spend on this site is 100 minutes.

Digging deep into the data would show you that both of these platforms offer wide range information about business buying behavior and consumer/customer behavior. For your E-commerce solutions, you'd better cross the stream where it is shallowest.

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