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Trust on Social Media:

If you think social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are sticky, today's emerging sites might as well be liquid cement.

As email and instant messaging loses prowess among users, social networking sites are stepping in as a primary communication channel for some users. And while Facebook continues to control supreme, emerging sites like Tumblr and Pinterestare taking off fast -- making them all the more fruitful for social media marketers.

A number of studies conducted by eMarketer, PEW and other regional groups have looked into the use of social networks and their trust ratings from all over world. According to these studies, more and more people have been utilizing and, more importantly, been trusting social networks. Just in the United States alone, an enormous 60 percent of internet surfers also make use of various social networks. However, Indonesia and Russia have registered higher numbers with 86 percent of internet users in this development making use of social networks. This means that although social mediafirst gained success in the USA, these websites are also becoming increasingly popular in other emerging markets.

Some of the Web's rising stars

With the three heavy hitters – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – taking up most of the social media space. Now, it’s hard to imagine a new company coming into the picture and taking people’s attention away from existing services.Google's social networking platform Google+ climbed to 25 million global users in less than a month and now boasts more than 70 million registered users. That's pretty impressive considering it took Facebook three years to attain that number.

The competition between Facebook and Google+ is just getting started, and only one social network can come out on top. While there is certainly room for both in the social networking world, it remains to be seen if Google+ will be able to catch up with, and surpass, Facebook

Change in Social Media in 2012

Social media now plays such a huge role in most people's daily lives; it is being explored in cities around the world. Now, even a San Francisco-based networking site allows its members to play games and share tags and virtual gifts with other members, users spent nearly two and a half hours on average at the site, for a 25 percent increase.

Other countries' social sites are also picking up the pace. In October, Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibologged a year-over-year increase of 81 percent, with visitors sticking around for just over an hour in October. Badoo, a multi-lingual social networking site out of London showed a 64 percent uptick in unique visitors over the one-year period. Odnoklassniki, a Russia-based social network, attracted visitors for six hours for a 36 percent increase.

In short, Social media has taken over as the new and improved way to get the word out about the business. If your business isn’t utilizing social media, you are missing out on potential profits. Be sure that you are taking advantage of what social media marketing can do for your business

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