An Emotional Journey to a Website

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Digital presence now a days have become equally important for businesses, as physical presence in the market. This is the reason organizations now embark on client’s journey for physical and online markets.

A decade before, customers only had access to a certain store fronts. With the technological boom and the availability of online channels such as webs, social media and mobile applications, people can shop easily and efficiently. These digital passage have altered the way we interact with businesses and products.

Now a days when people are surfing online, their journey goes beyond the website. Web Design Company try to ensure that they develop a web which is bespoken for the businesses. There are various communication channels which range from email to messengers, social media and applications. People have many opportunities where they can interact using these platforms for endless impression. For businesses online, they need to have an understanding about the customer preferences and choices so they can address their needs in the best possible manner.

Talking about the physical world, when a client go to the shop, seller can actually interact with the buyer, which is why he can see his ER Emotional Response. ER is very important when dealing with the people while dealing physical and it is of similar importance when it comes to digital presence. This offer valuable data and make the seller optimize and efficiently mold their processes.


This point is very significant when people move to digital and huge market exist online. The challenge over here is that seller and buyer cannot see each other. This is the reason that alternate methods have been introduced such as feed backs, quick chat boxes etc. to get customers view. This process has made process of selling difficult as compared to physical presence. Much more challenging strategies are required now to completely understand people preferences. Web professionals are now introducing several of the techniques to meet these challenges through following ways:

Messaging – In order to make sure that website remain spoken, professional designers are actually using chat boxes on the website. This make sure that they interact with the clients, which helps the web owner to articulate different from other businesses.

User Personas – Great Web Designs and fancy colours, in short web persona is key to attract customer emotionally while using digital platform. This emotional presence helps the clients get attracted and feel what the website is offering.

Search Engine Optimization SEO – To reach the client without any hassle and to make the most out of it, keyword discovery and digital mapping plays a very vital role. It says, where there is business there is competition. Search engine optimization helps businesses to make their website visible to people.

Website usability is very important to help people navigate through it effectively. Now a days, website is more about connecting the dots and to maximise user experience with the help of aforementioned tools. The Success Saga is to have several digital interaction channels while business is on website.

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