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Facebook has rolled out its standalone iPhone app; Facebook Camera which would let you shoot the photo or photos, apply the filters and then share on your timeline. The app is much useful for telling a whole pictorial story as multi-photo uploading is possible and it’s reported that the resolution is also higher. Initially, Facebook Camera is made available for only English Speaking countries such as America, UK, Canada, Australia etc, but after this app is translated, it would be launched for other countries as well.

Wwww…..ait! But what about Instagram! Just few weeks ago, Facebook was dying for Instagram which is also mobile photo-sharing app for as much as $ 1 billion. Instagram had already hit 50 million downloads and it looks as if Facebook were a little sloppy in dashing against mobile industry.

Anyways, a little comparison of Facebook Camera and Instagram would be worthwhile. Facebook Camera comes with 14 filters with more descriptive names. The icing on the cake is ‘multi-photo sharing’. On the other hand, Instagram has 17 filters and some additional features as well such as light adjustment, tilt shift etc. But Instagram fails in multi-photo sharing.

Mobile Application Development

What this fuss is all about?

Big web guns such as Facebook(FB), Research in Motion (RIM), Microsoft (MSFT) have totally been taken aback by the monolithic shifts of consumers to mobiles apps from traditional websites. Mobile application development for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberries etc. has attracted their bed-dreams and now they are planning to venture here as well. Facebook has almost 500 million users on mobile devices and nearly half of them are on Android and iOS devices. Losing them means self-degeneration. So, iPhone app development and Android app development is the last resort that Facebook (and others too) can turn towards now.



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