Facebook — How To Get More Likes, Shares & Comments On Your Posts? (Infographic)

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Having thousands of likes and hundreds of shares on your post of Facebook makes you a cool personality over social media. Doesn’t it? And if you want to have more and more likes and shares for you posts, try adding more photos in your updates.

Though each user on Facebook, somehow knows which of his posts are likeable for others and which aren’t. But marketing strategies are based on highly harmonized user patterns and for those marketing purposes, these findings provide comprehensive insights.

The results are based on studies of 1.3 million posts published on 10,000 most liked Facebook page.

As for the ‘type of the post’, Photos hit both maximum likes and maximum shares, where as texts raise higher comments. Videos and links gain least likes, shares and comments. Likewise, posts with references such as I, me get more likes as compared to normal status posts. Just for reminder, It’s a terrible fail on Twitter.

As strong web presence is crucial for modern businesses and to achieve this milestone, social media marketing budget has been doubled during last 2 years. What content should be shared over social media and how an engagement should be started and extended, are some of perplexing questions for businesses. That is why E-commerce solutions have been in high demand.

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