Facebook May Launch Its Own Smartphone Next Year — Third Time Lucky?

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Competition among web development companies may find some truce at particular portals but this rat race among them finds no ending at all. Question under discussion is,’ Whether a web development company in general and software development company in particular can build their own smartphones and how far this would be beneficial for them to reach at the top of the game”? Anyhow, the cat is soon to be expected jump out of the bags when ‘Facebook’ officially announces its plans for building smartphones.

‘The people walking right under Facebook umbrella have asserted that Facebook will build its own smartphone by the next year’.

By laborious lion-hunt expedition launched one and half years ago, the company already has held on more than a dozen Apple software and hardware engineers who have ventured on Apple’s iPhone and iPad development. This is the 3rd time that Facebook is trying to find grounds in smartphone industry; all earlier efforts went futile due to churning complexities.

However last week, Google has grabbed Motorola Mobility with $ 12.5 billion and it needs no explanation that this would lead Google to build its own smartphone. So, Facebook would be blank entrant in smartphone industry and may encounter some hush and kick from industry giants.

Mobile application development  Mobile application developers had been continuously moaning at narrowing app development portals. Blackberry app development and windows application development  are offering no vibrations, developers say. There is either Android application development or iPhone app development that has seized the market. Facebook’s smartphone would obviously allow them to juggle around another interface and grab more market.
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