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With very best wishes to all of you observing the holy month of Ramadan Kareem’, it’s a very special time of the year for us at RED SIGNAL and all the Muslims around the world: a time for Fasting, Feasting and shopping’. It has unique aura of awe and austerity where we are trained after self-discipline, self-restraint and self-less charity.

Charity, Contemplation and Communal Harmony – the run-ups of Ramadan Kareem at RED SIGNAL

At RED SIGNAL, we have our very own way of welcoming Ramadan Kareem where run-ups include generous charity, deep contemplation and excessive communal harmony. Ramadan is a time for community. And there is nothing that exemplifies this more than those nightly iftars when the fast is broken, the dates are opened, and all that great food is served. But, aren't we known for something better?

Yes, we are. It's our EID SHOPPING GALA 2014 where all (ALL) the REDS with their respective families are invited to commute and shop together (strictly on RED SIGNAL’s Expense).


So, What’s EID SHOPPING GALA 2014, anyways:

In short, it’s EIDI from RED SIGNAL to her beloved family of REDS.

It’s our OWN way of creating communal harmony where RED SIGNAL hosts an Iftar party for her beloved family of REDS (every employee is invited) and then have them shop their EID outfits or handbags, shoes, dresses, perfumes (anything) etc.  followed by free-spirited theme park styled games and rides. That’s super Fun.

So, for this year's Eid Shopping Gala, following are few of the details that you might want to jot down in your minds.

  • IFTARI: Bundu Khan Restaurant, Fortress Stadium, Lahore
  • SHOPPING: Anywhere from Fortress Stadium, Lahore
  • Playing & Sporting: Joy Land, Sind Bad @ Fortress Stadium Lahore

So, let's set our watches at this 6.15 PM of this 5th July 2014 and get together for yet another great evening brought to us by RED SIGNAL. In case of any further details or questions, just drop by Zubair Malik and he will be heading you with the details of this Eid Shopping Gala 2014.

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