From The Brink of Chaos: How Does World Become Social Again?

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Back in Greek civilization, Aristotle said ‘Man is a social animal’. And by the time we entered 21 century, ‘social’ had been erased from the quote and the remainder was ‘Man is a animal’. Can you pin the disorder? It’s not an ‘article’ mistake. It’s rather about social disorder that almost carried the world to verge of destruction. Now we are becoming ‘social’ and again are driven by our herd-instinct.

Animal: How?
Social Animal (smilingly) : Through ‘WEB Development and Social Media’.

There are some heavy weight blocks of information on internet and when organized in an apple-pie order, they yield some astonishing results. As of Dec 2011, total number of people in the world is 6,930,055,154 and among them, 2,267,233,742 people are internet users. Internet penetration has increased by 528% in last decade and no wonder if by the end of 2020, the whole world elates to cyber world. People use internet for various reasons such as to dig into web application development or finding E-commerce solutions or in order to hire any programmer like .net, PHP developers. Anyway, they're using.

The report says that 82.5% of the total UK population is internet users. 80.1% Australian, 79.1% Germany, 78.4% Japanese, 77.3% Americans. 75.5% Swiss are internet users. List covers all the countries, if you want to run over it.

Animal (yawning wide) : Wait. How does this all relate to ‘social’ stuff?

Social Animal (with drooping head): I was coming towards it when you cut me through. has surfaced some of the stats that directly affirm that the people are not anti-social any more. Take UK. As told earlier that 82.5% people are using internet and all these people have social engagements as well. 68.48% Englishmen are on Facebook, 22.5% make their presence felt through blogging, 13% use Twitter, 10.39% make out through Word Press and 9.31% are on LinkedIn.

It’s only about UK and most of the other countries are also hiking on the same terrain. Info-graphic below broadens the picture to some wider extent.

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