Game is Changing, Get Ready – BlackBerry Maker RIM Spends US $100 Million To Grow Developers Community

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What’s the future of BlackBerry maker RIM; dead, alive or reborn? These days, there is much hue and cry over this question and among all this fuss, RIM once again takes the floor and announces that it would invest $100 million in growing BlackBerry’s developers’ community. Few days ago, RIM had already announced that its BlackBerry 10 would not get decked in market shelves any sooner before 1st quarter of 2013.

This large number of writings, news and analysis are acute evidence to the high stature that once RIM used to possess. After lapse of these couple of years, just same as millions of other former berry-carriers, I myself still cherish pleasant memories for RIM.

Now that RIM announces $100 million for Blackberry’s developers’ community, we can’t help but wonder if it’s too late to mend now or RIM can still rise from ashes like mythical phoenix. At BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, RIM offers various lucrative and attractive packages for those who would develop for BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM offers valuable connections, one-on-one expert guidance huge amount of money if they successfully develop apps for their portal.

Now there are various speculations about how these developers’ growth programs might work. One attraction might be as developer would get $10,000 for developing a paid app which earns $1,000 in its first year.

95% market share erosion and horrendous financial losses have put RIM in its lowest ebbs and thus, developers aren’t ready to trust RIM so easily. One of these grim, gloomy and grotesque pictures portray that ‘BlackBerry is about to become extinct species, forsaken by 41% of mobile application development companies, where 14% of them were using it as their core services.’
How much RIM’s generous invitation impresses you, share with us.

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