Google V/s Oracle Trial Ends — Android Did Not Infringe On Oracle Patents

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At two places, judges and courts have become a necessary evil; one in Hollywood flicks and the other in Web Development industry. The fate and future of any participant is under their hammer. The latest court venture was staged for Google and Oracle where Oracle had filed infringement case on 8 different claims against Google. Anyhow, the cat is out of the bag and judges have settled the issue, though not once for all.

‘Google did not infringe Oracle patents with Android and so Google doesn’t need make any amends for damages that as asserted by Oracle.’ Says jury.

Earlier this month, the Jury has pondered over the case and found that Android had too much resemblance with certain code, sequence and structure of 37 Java APIs. Anyhow, the jury were unable to decide whether this resemblance was driven under fair and rightful use or this was viciously triggered.

Android holds lion’s share in smartphone OS market and more importantly it’s free to use. Oracle persisted that infringement has caused it 1 billion worth damages. Now, Google has some time to relax and dress its hair up. It’s a victory that Google had witnessed over so many court coups.

For Google,It wasn't about Money, It was about its Reputation

Android app development has let Google earn $ 12 billion of cash and $ 27 billion in short term investments. Losing 1 billion might not be a big deal for Google but for web development industry ‘Good Name’ is worth $ 1K billion. That’s a why web development company stretches all around to keep a fair name. Google saved, not the money but its healthy life.

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