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iPhone vs Galaxy S3

Grand ingression of Samsung Galaxy SIII has evoked more heat in the arena for Smartphone Championship. This battle has taken new levels of excitement and it is just the matter of time now to decide who brings the bacon home.

In truth, there is heads on confrontation between Apple and Samsung for final position. It’s a great fun to compare Apple’s iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and see which one holds water and which one is in hot waters!


iPhone comes with 3.5-inch screen and uses revolutionary Retina display technology. In-plane switching LCD with a 960x640 pixel resolution and 330 pxl/inch pixel density, make display excellent. Display screen is repellent to oil prints or other marks due to its oleophobic surfacing. Corning Gorilla Glass (finally confessed) and incredibly sharp picture quality are also among other incredible features.
Galaxy S3 has largest display screen; 4.8 inches in size, super AMOLED HD. Picture resolution is same as Galaxy Nexus; 1280x720 which means 306 pixels per inch. Galaxy S3 also enjoys Corning glass feature. Galaxy S3 outraces iPhone due to its much larger screen size that makes it more enjoyable in usage. In return, iPhone takes edge when it comes about sharpness and colors. At least I wont scratch my head in confusion to decide better phone on the basis of display. I would go for Samsung Galaxy S3 because larger screen is what users look for these days.

Width and Weight

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPone The difference between widths and weight of galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s may be quite important for many users. iPhone 4S is 0.37 inches wide and weighs 140g. On the other hand, galaxy S3 is thinnest among all others in line. It is 0.34 inches wide and weighs only 133g.With these specs mentioned, we can say that galaxy offers more in little space where as iPhone weighs more with lesser stuffed hardware. The other feature that lies only with galaxy S3 is the SD cards can be inserted after batteries being removed.


Apple’s iPhone brings 8 MP camera with BSI and 3264x2448 pixel resolution. Besides, LED falsh, geo tagging, auto focus together with face detection  provide stunning camera experience. Samsung galaxy S3, too, brings same features. 8MP camera with 3264x2448 resolution, auto focus, LED flash, face detection, almost all features exist here as well.

But, Samsung sweeps the party by adding some other features on the top of others. Zero-lag shutter allows taking 20 continuous pictures without a shudder. The arresting feature of Galaxy S3 is that it identifies people in the picture and sends them a copy.


Apple’s iphone has a dual core processor running on a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 based processor. Performance of processor is quite good. Users do not suffer any stammering or faltering while running iOS.

Galaxy S3 brings an Exynos 4 Quad 1.4 GHz quad core system on chip processor which is the most powerful processor in the race. Usage experience is fascinating with this processor because it also offers no stuttering and bumbling at all. Due to its more powerful processor, Galaxy leaves others far behind.

Operating System

This is the stage where iPhone and Galaxy S3 are at daggers drawn with each other. iPohne 4S runs Apple’s own iOS 5.1 chopine where as galaxy S3 runs the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) version 4; Google’s Android system.

Android is world’s smartphones best evolved operating system till now. It’s faster, it’s reliable and it’s robust. Samsung galaxy S3 comes with Android 4 which is far better than 2.3 version. It brings more clean menu layout, a more colorful interface, more friendly multi-tasking tools. Samsung has empowered it with TouchWiz interface. S-Voice control is awesome voice assistant software that performs given tasks via spoken commands.

iOS is also simple, user-friendly and powerful operating system but when it comes to multi-tasking options, it lags behind Android. It is rather static platform and performs best when used for least tasks.

In order to decide better mobile phone on the basis of operating system, you would have to scratch your heads for long in confusion. It depends on your personal preferences. For multi-tasking and customization, Galaxy S3 is better.


Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is much lighter, far thinner and sleekly svelte designed and right at this day, Samsung Galaxy S3 outguns iPhone 4S. But we are quite sure that this championship would not last long with Samsung because Apple is expected to launch new iPhone 5 any time from now.  Apple is pioneer of smartphones and is always known for bringing new dramatic improvisation.

So, what comes next, we all are waiting!

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