Hiring A Good Mobile App Agency. Really?

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Is this mobile agency good? Do they have experienced mobile developers? Or they have established processes to communicate and deliver the projects? Can you trust them? Hiring a good mobile development agency is an important decision. But, it’s not easy as well. Wide open eyes!

Don’t buy the adjectives that mobile app development companies use in their services, on their business websites. Do some research on the web, check their popularity, reviews and ratings (at least on their Facebook, LinkedIn pages). This can give you a quick and unbiased look inside company, its people and its customers.

True that, there are dozens of mobile development companies in every city around the world – and each of them claims to be ‘the best’. So, isn’t it all about choosing any of them, right?

No, it doesn’t work like that. Not all mobile companies have the same level of expertise and experience, are equally sincere and dependable, or stick to same quality standards. This is where you need some time to see, talk and judge if they really mean what they say or promise. And seriously, this is the toughest part of the job. So, here is a checklist to help you look at the important things about a company and take the better decisions.


Cross check website testimonials!

Testimonials are very important. But, this is where companies tend to play dirty and come up with fake testimonials. Ask your mobile app development company for the contact details (phone numbers and/or email ids,) so you can do some cross-checking yourself.

Cost effective or loss leaders, be suspicious!

Best app develops and cheapest service providers – unfortunately these are 2 different things and don’t really go together in a single set (considering the prevailing work standards). So, any time you come across a company offering you the cheapest quote, be suspicious. Chances are their work quality would be cheapest too.

OK! Wanna debate?

Go to their portfolios. See their work. Look at their design. Give a check to the functionality. And don’t be sad if it’s cheap because We told you it was meant to be so.

They are global?

A good company works beyond geographical boundaries. They have nice (at the least) global presence. Patching up with a sales person in any foreign country and calling his abode ‘Country Office’ – however shameful, but people are doing it. Take such bla bla with a pinch of salt. Run inquiry about where company has registered overseas offices and ask for few valid contacts. Even easier, go to company’s LinkedIn page and see how many of their employees work in that country.

(Oh please, don’t tell us that your company doesn’t have their LinkedIn page. It’s ridiculous)

Experienced team of developers or developers with relevant experience?

Experience and relevant experience – you see, they are different things. Consider this:

You’ve got an idea and you want to have an iPhone app. Now you have a developer having 5 years of experience, going to work on your project. The catch? What if the person had been working on java apps for all those 5 years? What if he as new to iPhone as a dentist to eyes?

Hire those app developers who have relevant experience, required for your project. That’s the only way to make sure your projects ends, and it ends well.

Turnaround? How fast?

This is people, like you and me, who make apps. There can be technical glitches, the app developer assigned at your project might take a sick-leave, or worse yet switch to another company. Who knows, shit happens all the times.

It’s better ask company to share their back-up plans because its their responsibility to complete the project within stipulated deadline – no matter how hard the problems they might be having. Perhaps, this is why you should avoid hiring 5-7 people agencies and studios. At least, with big companies, you never run short of resources.

Non-Disclosure Agreements? Yes or No?

Any company not willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)….. that’s not cool. Most likely, it’s not very good idea to engage further with such companies. These agreements ensure that, once the project is completed and delivered, you (the client) gets the sole ownership and custody of all intellectual rights (IRP) of the project. Without these agreements, where would you go for further updates or so?

Full Suite of Development Services?

Designers design. Coders code. Marketers market. For an app to be developed, designers, developers and marketers, they all work together in one team. There are mobile app companies who do not have UI/UX teams, let alone the marketing guys. The programmers double up as designers, and (that’s foul) make a right hash of it. Now, you can do 2 different things. Choice is yours.

Either hire a company that offers a full suite of mobile app development services and can handle your project from design to development and then testing and launch or hire 2 different companies where first does the design and second does the rest of work. In any case, you would get better than what you were getting earlier.

This is it. You enjoyed it, then share your thoughts with us.

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