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If Facebook was a country, its one billion active users would have made it world’s 3rd largest country. And at company’s campus, VP of Facebook’s Engineering showed some mind blowing figures regarding their data processing.

Facebook literally outstrips any of the worlds passed and existing regimes how effortlessly it records and analyzes users’ behavior over Facebook. Undoubtedly, Facebook has now been credited for world’s largest data collection on human social behavior.  Each user’s private conversation, photo uploading, demographics, birthday etc. is collected and then compiled accordingly so that businesses could use it in their business models logically. Surely some of your personal information is also part of this mammoth data compilation.

Stats show that its system processes 2.5 billion chunks of content and +500 terabytes of data, 2.7 billion ‘Like’ actions and 300 million photos each day. It thoroughly indexes nearly 105 terabytes of data every 30 minutes.  Now that company has gone public and pressure to find on new business sustainability has increased hundred folds, scientists are now pulling their wires to use this mammoth information source to use intelligently.

VP told that by processing data in a wink, Facebook now can better understand user reactions and ultimately can roll out new products more systematically. “Big data really is about having insights and making an impact on your business. If you aren’t taking advantage of the data you are collecting, then you just have a pile of data, you don’t have big data”, said VP.

Company also spoke about its revolutionary project called ‘Prism Project’ that aims at solving biggest problem that Facebook has up till now faced regarding massive data operations. He told that Facebook is still cooking up documentation on this project and would soon start official engineering blog post.

Now that we have seen that Facebook holds the key to data that can bring fortunes to world businesses, business owners are keen to know more about human psychometrics so that they could also use it for higher RIO. E-commerce solutions would be of real worth if one knows how to manipulate from users dynamics. We are proud that being Web Design Company, we too specialize in E-business consultancy.

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