iPhone Apps Download Dipping More Down — But Olympics Would Catalyze The Whole Mobile Application Development

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Mobile application development is under its rainy days and historically it’s the quietest period for mobile apps development and promotions, as it looks from the reports rolled out by Fiksu today. Based on the analysis of Top 200 US iPhone apps, latest reports suggest that App store competitive index has dropped by 5% down to 4.23 million daily downloads from 6.3 million daily downloads in March. Consequently, the cost per loyal user index increased 12% to $ 1.46 from $ 1.3 in March.

A loyal user is the one whose actions generate ROI for you and it becomes rather more important on click-based campaigns.

app store competitive index

This ‘negativity’ for mobile marketers and mobile application developers isn’t anything from the blue. It’s quite natural outcome when Apple has held its iron hands on ‘bolt tactics’. Though, app discovery mechanism employed in Apple’s App store has some serious loopholes in it and reaching for Top 20 apps is nothing less daunting than getting the blood out of stones but 'evil-practitioners' often conform with such tactics to reach top guns.

Olympic Games In UK would increase business activities by 250%. 

As Olympics Games are drawing closer, iPhone app development is sure to resurrect again. As iPhone has reached the saturation in European and American consumer markets and 90% of the tourists visiting Olympics games would transpose around with iPhones, there is a golden chance for businesses, through mobile apps development, to convert these game-seekers to consumers.Most of the businesses around the world do employ such promotional and marketing tactics during specific commotional seasons so that they may get their hands on more and more customers and increase their RIO.

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