Is Your Employee Overworked — Indicators To Employees’ Dissatisfaction

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Work harder or work better? Most of the companies primarily focus on the former indicator and don’t bother into digging out the efficiency of the work.

Under real time critical environment, web development companies cannot afford any delays in project execution and thus developers and programmers are often found complaining and moaning against over-work load and job stress. Since modern research tells that healthy mind can bring better productivity, it's advisable for managements to spot stress-borne employees and resolve the issues before its too late.

The call-up poll led to some interesting bits of information that’s quite handy for both employees and employers. The results tell that ‘on-job-stress is the biggest offending issue for most of the American workforce.

Similarly, more than half of American employees say that ‘their job is very or extremely stressful’. Low salaries and commuting- fear of being laid off are the top reasons for employees’ stress and strain. The results also show that 1 in 2 of the employees offended with overwhelming work stress sets for hooky and feigns sickness.

Employers and managers can also spot the employee undergoing ‘stress’ and most obvious indicators include increased sickness, bad time management, lower quality of work and poor memory. Undue stretch of detrimental situation brings more disturbance and lesser productivity.

Check out the info-graphic below for complete insight into the ‘employee behavior’.

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