Jaw Dropping Internet Marketing Statistics for 2012 — Don’t Ever Underrate Internet Marketing Again

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Studies are now showing that, day on day, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of internet marketing and others already active in this battleground are gleaming plentiful fortunes. A little appreciation for the potentials of this market can overturn your business' prospects. If you haven’t yet thought of seeding and moiling in internet marketing, following insights would surely let you to reconsider your stance.
  • 50% of online shopping time is spent on researching product services. Web application development has let the service providers place their product, pricing and promotion details available24/7 across the globe.
  • As a result 90% marketers now admit that internet marketing services are crucial for airing brand awareness, increasing web traffic and attaining higher search engine rankings.
  • Inbound marketing is 61% inexpensive per lead as compared to conventional outbound marketing.
  • For B2B organizations, LinkedIn drives the most customers, i-e 65 %.
  • 57% of the marketers revealed that their inbound marketing strategy is lesser they had their hands on a customer their company blog, 62% through LinkedIn, 53% through Facebook and 44% through blogs writing and responding.
  • Most users on Twitter are 24 – 34 years old whereas on Google+ 65% of the users are 18-35 years old. On gender basis, there are 72% females users on Pinterest and shop cosmetics, garments, jewelry and adopt pets.

Based on our studies, we suggest our friends that whatsoever the business they’re engaged in, they must look to extract fruits of internet marketing services. If you’re feeling that you can’t handle internet marketing campaigns personally due to lack of time or lesser understanding about internet market space, here’re your e-commerce solutions that would let you join the main streamline.

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