Kodak Gallery Shuts down — An Eye-Opener For Businesses Reluctant to Respond Digital Market

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Kodak Gallery closes. Yes, Kodak's online website for storing and sharing photos shuts down from 2nd July. Interestingly, as soon as the news was posted on Kodak Gallery's news section, the site has never recovered. All the accounts would transfer to Shutterfly but users still have an option to keep from shifting to latter.

Ever since the web development companies have rocked in, even the big businesses of earlier century have suffered considerable dent and only few of them have recovered from that blow. Kodak was founded by George Eastman in 1889 and was best known for photographic film products. Last century was wholly marked by Kodak’s buzzing success stories and in 1976, the company had 90% market share of photographic sales in the United States.

But, after that sun never shined for Kodak and it started degenerating until this year Kodak said that it would stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames and would primarily toil in corporate digital imaging market. And currently, it failed terribly in doing so.Torch-bearer of digital world fails terribly in digital market space.

Lesson for Businesses

Time has changed dramatically and there isn’t any time left for other businesses to try and test. web application development has taken the status of business Delphi where all the businesses of the world bow down and glean profits as a reward. The sooner businesses shift on digital market, surely the better their prospects would grow.

There is a little lock, stock and barrel required for competing on internet market, mainly a website and then a sound marketing plan. See Yellow Giant being disintegrated after 131 years and decide to keep up the pace with global market.
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