Listen If Your Job Is Also Desk Bound — Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Serious Health Disorders

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Modern jobs aren’t that much physical as they used to be just few decades earlier. I am afraid, most of the people, including me, are working on the jobs that need them glued to chairs for hours and hours. So, all those people sitting too much at one place are vulnerable to become fat (overweight, if you’re one too), sooner or later.

People having desk bound jobs, especially computer programmers, developers and designers etc, are often found complaining against frequent haunts of spiritlessness, soreness and vertebrae dislocation. It’s because as they sit for longer durations, blood puddles in legs and ultimately immense pressure is being exerted on their spinal cords. All this creates neural disruptions.

Sitting posture isn’t natural at all

Frankly speaking, sitting posture isn’t natural at all. Even sitting with lamp post back straightness is also much painful as it increases stress in major body joints and muscles. Our body was structured in a frame that suits standing posture even for half a day. The reason behind that is quite simple because standing posture facilitates stable blood circulation and likewise symmetrically distributed body weight.

But when you sit, the whole natural order of the body disturbs. Your standard spinal curve tilts considerably. If you’re having prolonged sitting hours, you’d better bear in mind that slipped discs, cardiovascular disease, crippled hamstrings, collared neurons and many others are aftermaths of such prolonged postures.

How to avoid the risks:

There isn’t any rocket science to avoid such disorders. You just need a good supporting sitting posture. Sit straight with neck forward and elbows at the sides of the body. Important point to remember is ‘avoid slouching’.

Keep your chair closely tucked in to the desk and have a lumber roll to support lower back. Try to stretch and relax your muscles every half an hour and stand and let loose your blood pressure.

You don’t need to join any yoga or fitness class or even consult the paramedics for consulting your chronics. These simple and inexpensive tips would surely help you in the long run.

For how many hours your job needs you sitting in your chair?

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