Magento E-commerce — 5 Rules Of Thumb For Basket & Checkout Conversions

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Since 2009, online sales have almost increased by 100 times. Statistics show that consumers in countries such as America, Canada, France, Spain and UK etc feel quite home with e-commerce shopping cart sales. But, some of the businesses, especially startups, are doing some terrible practices which are jeopardizing both, their e-commerce venture and user experience as well.

While undertaking projects of magneto development , we suggest our clients to practice some rule of thumbs related to basket and Basket and Checkout so that maximum conversion rate is ensured. So, here we are, and before we proceed any further, you must realize that these rules of thumbs are generally universal but it would be too much to expect overnight boom. So be practical and follow these tips as they would let you twin the ram in the long run.

Trust Triggers Chance

Most of online shoppers quit online shopping because they don’t find comfortable with forceful sales-pitches. They start being skeptical about both services and services provider. So, first of all build trust. Big brands don’t have to stride any extra to build trust relations as they’ve already number of customers to advocate for their services.

What about small brands that are new to the industry? It really doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re gonna miss the whole party. It just means that they need to show professionalism in their marketing approach. Their website must tout the level of quality and expertise that they bring into market. Aggressive marketing would be fatal for their conversions. It means ‘tell features but sell benefits’ with competitive pricings.

Delivery Disclosure

Statistics show that most of the customers abandoned cart shopping because service providers intentionally hid delivery costs or these costs were presented in coarse ways.

So, you need to understand that your e-commerce website is for marketing purposes and customers like to be treated in professional terms. Obviously, free delivery is the most attractive bait for the consumers but in practice, try to keep delivery costs as low as possible because customers want to pay for the products and not for the delivery.

Delivery charges should be presented at basket level and even at checkout phase, a short description of them must be made.

Action Station Buttons

Which are most important buttons on your website? They are ‘Confirm Order’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Aren’t they? So, give them due what they deserve. They must be strong-colored, properly visible and well proportioned.

Cart shopping customers have often complained against groping for these buttons. So, don’t give any room for bad user experience.

Call to Action Labels

Labels are much important especially in relation with call to action buttons. You must always go for labels that are healing and comforting for users. Build trust when you get the chance. For example, ‘proceed to checkout’ could also be written as ‘pay securely now’ or something like that.

The labeling also depends on the number of steps involved in sale process. You can probe at our e-commerce solutions and see how we do magento ecommerce.

Checkout Deceptions

Much problems arise when we fail to distinguish between online e-commerce cart website and traditional shopping Isle. In latter, marketers always put some low-cost products so that they get entertained but in e-commerce websites, try to keep checkout process as straight and simple as possible.

It’s wise to keep the checkout page as empty as possible. Navigations, contact numbers and search boxes are often distracting. So, removing them could be profitable for you. You can keep some of buttons such as ‘continue shopping’ or existing customers’ login’, in a folder.


In general, these are rule of thumbs which are devised after thousands of ‘test and trial’ efforts. In most of the cases they are helpful and provide better user experience. So, try to build trust-worthy relations and show your sincerity with lowest possible delivery costs, smooth and straight order taking process and finally with higher level of professionalism.

Hundreds of businesses have gained fruits from our e-commerce solutions. Why are you still missing the party?
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