Mark Zuckerberg — Will He Be The Next Steve Jobs?

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Mark Zuckerberg has lost $ 3.2 billion within last week when his recently public company Facebook dropped share prices by 16%.5. Not only this, Facebook’s IPO is also denounced as world’s most terrible debacle and there are other reports as well saying that more than 50% of what Mark has earned would be consumed under taxation; leaving Mark Zuckerberg behing with scratching his head in shock.

Mark hasn’t publically responded to this entire hubbub and kept stiff upper lips and nor has he made any in-house statements. Investors are dying to hear something from Mark about this widely acknowledged disaster but we have something different to discuss.

How would Steve Jobs have responded to these drastic and deteriorating situations if he were alive and in Mark Zuckerberg’s suits now?

Tech analysts know that Steve jobs would have done the same as Mark Zuckerberg is doing now. Because, Steve had had suffered a lot of criticism throughout his life and many times he was blamed to be flogging a dead horse ‘Apple’ but he kept Apple aloof from criticism and built a ‘culture of secrecy’ around the company. He hardly issued any comments over something and whenever he did, he kept them quite complicated for conspirators. For instance, when iPhone was launched, it didn’t support Flash animation and it wagged an anti-apple campaign across the smartphone industry but Steve went silent and kept crawling if not running. Now, you know what does it mean to have an iPhone.

Though Mark is just 28 now but he’s learnt the secrets quite quickly. He is following legendary Steve Jobs. Would he be also deemed as respectful as late Steve Jobs, who knows future!
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