Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablet — MSFT Unveils ‘Surface’ And Touts It As ‘Re-imaging Of Tablets’

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Microsoft has finally spilled the beans and out comes the ‘mystery news’. MSFT, on Monday, has showed up its Windows 8 tablet; Surface.

Microsoft quoted this tablet as 're-imaging of tablets' and it's too early to take it by tail. The first impressions and feelings about tab are quite mixed but one thing is surely important that it would bring some more thrill in tab and ultrabook industry. Currently, Apple is leading the parade with its 3rd gen iPAD.

iPAD 3G vs Windows 8:

Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ is surely iPad’s challenger put on by MSFT but to which extent it would destabilize iPad’s monarchy, is still unpredictable. So let’s compare Surface and iPad in following table.

Well, pricing and availability of the device are still undisclosed but MSFT execs at the demo told that pricing would be competitive. Though the media gathering was much disciplined or rather bullet-proof, much of the questions still went unanswered in the demo. For example, apart from pricing and availability of the device, other things such as integration with XboX, 3G,4G, LTE versions, Battery life are not even touched.

iPad is currently enjoying lion’s share of tablet market and the reason behind that is its flexibility with 3rd party apps. Like iPhone app development in smartphones, iPad app development in tablets is most cherished aspect for the users. For MSFT, it’s compatibility with apps is also questionable right at the time.

Since MSFT has touted ‘Windows 8 Tablet, Surface’ as ideal tablet in tablet paradigm, we are watching this entry as quite exciting. Though at this time little information is available about the device, but as the time draws closer, we would have more and more details to analyze it further.

How are you watching this ‘MSFT’s Surface Tab’ and do you really think that it would replace existing ‘supers’ in the long run?

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