Mobile Application Development — Hey Developers! Turn towards China as She’s Become World’s Largest App Economy

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Flurry has released some insightful statistics and based on those statistics, mobile application developers can plan for their future battlegrounds.  According to the reports based on world’s fastest growing countries in relation to adoption of Android and iOS applications, China leads the world in smartphone adoption.

Likewise, China also sweeps the app session board with 1122% growth. According to Flurry, App session is the launch and use of the application. The other countries after China are Argentina, Philippines and Russia with 599%, 546% and 514% respectively.

The report takes ‘new device activation’ into account as well. Here again we see China getting the lead from US; the former largest country with respect to device activations per month.

So, all the statistics; if organized systematically, are telling that China is the next market for any Mobile Application Development Company. As it is clear that number of device activations per month in China is greater than US, it’s understandable that soon China would exceed US in installed base. There isn’t any doubt that US is quite mature smart phone market but the way China is emerging is incredible. Number of installed base in China is twice larger than that in UK.

iOS Development or Android Development?

When it comes about android app development or iPhone app development, one might wonder which would be more lucrative. In European markets, iPhones have reached early saturation but in the Eastern parts of the world iOS powered phones aren’t much affordable for larger part of the populace. On the other hand, Android devices are having more penetration in eastern markets, so building Android applications could be viable option for developers

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