Nero fiddled while Rome burned! Obama monkeying with his Blackberry All the Day Long!

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The whole world is swayed by smartphone revolution and it looks as if even governments are also no lesser affected by these widgets. Obama has so many other things to be criticized for but stories tell that he wants more agitation around him.
Aides to Obama have been consistently moaning due to his frivolous behavior in the meetings. President is often found mashing his newly given super secure blackberry’s buttons. On digging out, one staffer said that ‘He’s just always sitting there, not looking at the person talking to him; eyes frozen down at his blackberry. Often he has to be re-fed with information regarding his schedules’.

His subordinates might be annoyed by his non-serious attitude but we care that least. At least Blackberry should be happy enough to know that its product is successful enough to manipulate the person who himself is smart enough to pulls the wires of whole world.

If blackberry kept producing such collaring products, no wonder someday the whole world might get into bizarre world. What if the governments of the whole world start toying with their tablets, smartphones or ipads and meanwhile insurgents take hold of the world? Blackberry is the first to realize this ‘threat’ and ever since it has come to know about the dangers involved in its efficiency, blackberry has stopped working on its innovative ideas. If it were not the sensitivity of the matter, Blackberry would have held the smartphone industry by its tail.

The rest in line should also follow the suit and stop making smartphones that much captivating. This is the only way to get our president back on work. Otherwise people will blame them and not the president. They know he’s dedicated and they are the features of smartphones that keep him from working.

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