New iOS 6 – It Could Be a Death Blow to Google Maps

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Apple is leaving no stones unturned in order to get to the highest ranks of the smartphone industry. mobile application development is the most crucial sphere where these tycoons try to outscore their rivals. So this time, Apple is willing to yield at Maps. Google map which is by default integrated with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is being divorced. A completely in-house app named Sundance, reports confirm, is to be grilled in new iOS 6 whose structural design would be fairly similar to that of Google’s layout but it would be rocketed with 3D aspect. Cool. Isn’t it?

Apple had already run so many errands to get this map application run by its own backend. But this time, all earlier technologies such as Placebase (2009) and Poly9 (2010) and then C3 Technologies are collectively now in line to help Apple come up with a robust and more reliable Map application.

As far as Google is concerned, wires look little pulled for it. Have the cake and eat it too! Perhaps Google was thinking about this when it presumably started charging its high potency users of Google Maps on the web. Ultimately, some of customers switched from the web where as others got at least an option of thinking. Lord knows, whether Google was charging Apple as well or not for using its Google Map. Anyhow, Google could not liquefy its app in the long run. Besides, if Apple rolls out its new iOS 6 with new in-house map application, Google would have to lose its monarchy on this platform.

For maintaining iOS reliability, Apple incorporated Google map in its devices and truly speaking, Apple had been successful in this to a pretty good extent. But to maintain its repo and reception, Apple’s new iOS must be flawless, most reliable and extremely efficient. iOS app developers are quite sure that this new iOS would make Apple stand alone high among the rivals.

In the end, if you are into using top of the head and exceptional mapping service on your smartphone, it would be in your best interest to wait for new iOS that is expected to be unbraided in June.

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