No ‘Think Different’: Apple Steals ‘Free App of the Week and Editor’s Choice’ From Others

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Apple’s iOS and Mac App stores just got an interesting pinch at the end of the last week. iOS and Mac app stores would, from now on, carry ‘free app of the week’ and ‘editor’s choice’ section. Apple has inspired millions of businesses around the world and most of the tech revolution during the last decade and so was led by Apple.

‘Think Different’ company hasn’t come up with anything different this time with its new ‘free app and editor’s choice’. This idea isn’t any newer and is around for much time. Amazon’s App Store for Android Apps already is a big success and features same free app promotion.

On Apple’s App Store’s official Twitter account, we found that ‘ Cut the Rope: Experiments’ is Apple’s nomination for the free app of the week in iOS store. For iPhone Extreme Skater and Facebook Camera, for iPad Sketchbook Ink and Cobook and for Mac App Store Deus Ex Human Revolution are Editor’s Choices.

There isn’t any doubt that Apple’s App Search mechanism isn’t any better than average search algos and it is the most rated apps that make visibility during a search errand. iPhone app developers often find it very difficult to reach top 10 or 25 apps so that their apps could be marked during searches. This ‘free app of the week’ and ‘editor’s choice’ would help users find more interesting apps in Apple’s exploding App Store.

Nevertheless, iphone app development is one of the most challenging tasks and this free app promotion would surely help those apps to hold grounds. Anyways, Android application development and iPhone application development are both handsome platforms and both enjoy substantial market share. So, for businesses, it’s viable to make apps for both platforms in order to reach those markets under their wings.
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