[Not So] Big Tech Giants are also prone to flaws, when it comes to money matters

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Samsung Electronics is a tech giant that has put real trouble in the path of market leadership for the names such as NOKIA. This Monday Samsung has been heavily fined for its alleged effort to obstruct the inquiry underway by the ‘Fair Trade Authority of South Korea’. According to the reports South Korea’s Fair Trade Regulatory Authority was probing the pricing strategy of the tech giant regarding its mobile phones. Investigators reported that the company’s employees deliberately tried to delay the investigation, the data was deleted from the machines and false data was fed during a visit to the Samsung facility. According to the reports Samsung has been fined with US$ 3.5 Millions approx. for malpractice. The case is sure to reflect badly for the company’s global repute. When it comes to IT industry reliability is the keyword, consumers look forward to. Financial aspects of the business are a sure reality however they are not what it is all about. According to the published details Samsung employees tried to stop the investigators, as the investigating team gained access to the facility there was but only one employee remained in the building. A photograph has also been released whereby the employees are moving a desk. The investigators cited that the employees were trying to erase the traces.

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