Psychiatrist in Your Pocket – Mobile Knows What You Do All Around

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Do you feel that you are continuously being swept away by manic depression and you wish to caress this frustrating mess? You’re aware of what you want but you just don’t know how to go for it. You know what. You need a mobile device. Didn’t get it? So let’s stretch it more

Scientists and mobile application developers are working on a cellular phone which would detect your nervous patterns and other mood disorders and thus prescribe you the relevant activities such as taking rest, calling a friend or watching a movie.

Mobilyzel - new psychiatrist mobile is still in process but early acid test has shown some tremendous outcomes. The sensors in the phone comprehensively read your locations, your social context, your activity plane (by an accelerometer) and then direct you for further actions.

The smartphone learns your life style and moods and then starts gauging all information that is inhaled and exhaled. Picture that you are too drowned for hours and even on receiving so many messages, email or calls you don’t respond, your mobile would smell rat and start its medical novelty. It will suggest you to make proper adjustments and fittings. On evaluating your data, it may suggest you to make some calls, attend some visitors, hang out with friends or take some rest.

‘By prompting people to increase behaviors that are pleasurable or rewarding’, Mohr said, ‘we believe that Mobilyzel will improve mood’. He added ‘it creates a positive feedback loop. Someone is encouraged to see friends, then enjoys himself and wants to do it again. Ruminating alone at home has the opposite effect and causes a downward spiral.”

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