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Today is our Boss' Birthday. 37th :p


Boss Has No Idea of What's our Plans are.

Grave Silence. Keeping Things low & Off the grid.

Pretending nothing Special. Like it's Just Another day of the year

Clueless to our 007 plans, he is busy in his work.

Roaming Around the floor,

And taking projects' reports from mates..... Buhahhahahah

The Stage is Set for the Perfect Surprise.

Where is the Birthday Cake? Oh, here it is. We are excited.

Somebody light the Candles please...

LIGHTS OUT. Give a Shout  'Happy Birthday Boss'. Surprise!

Oh Man, He didn't see this coming. See the smile and looks on his face

Yayyyyyyyyyyy……. Party

We're glad that We've got such an awesome Boss. Here are some random Birthday Wishes for you.

Asna Says:

Azam Says:

Irfan Says:

Rizwan Says:

Akhtar Says:

Awais Says:

Naeem Says:

Zubair (indirectly) says:

Aleem Says:

Afifa (center) says:

Mudassar says:

Noor Says:

Yasser. What. I can't see what he says:


Shahzad means, Go Kill the waves.


Meanwhile wishes are being done, The Birthday Cake has got its fair treatment.

Yum yum yum....... See ya later. We got something to eat.


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