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Though ecommerce is reaching newer horizons of success every day but frankly speaking this ecommerce experience isn’t much successful in triggering the real life shopping experience which we generally cherish while shopping in a shopping mall or a shopping market. It’s missing ‘fun’ element. Normally ecommerce venture starts from Google or Amazon and after submitting a particular search request, number of results appear from where you scan for the cheapest deal offered. Sometimes it starts from a retailer’s store where you go through a whole range of articles and, if lucky enough, you stumble upon your ideal purchase. But, still it misses the real time shopping experience that carries social experience. Doesn’t it? Almost all of us shop around with our friends and family and find it better to consult with them before making any purchase decisions. That’s why shopping is fun!

So ecommerce solutions need some social upgrades which in turn, would not only enable sellers reach broader consumer markets but would simultaneously help customers find blissful social experience as well.  Following few steps would surely help in stepping towards revolutionary e-commerce experience.

Let People Speak Their Heart

Buying experience is all about finding desired products both easily and interestingly. We share and consult various aspects of products with others. Currently many brands have attached a ‘want’ button with the products but this performs quite poorly in social aspects as it blatantly intrigues ‘sales pitch’.

If visitors are allowed to emote about product in frank manners, ultimately it would create more engagements. Buttons such as weird, amazing, cool, interesting would enrage follow up comments and could even lead to viral broadcast across social realms. Let consumers speak what they think of your products.

Showcase What’s Hot

Allowing users to share their thoughts over your products would ultimately let you know which they liked most and which they didn’t. You would, as a result, know which product is “hot cake” in your inventory. Featuring these products would allow users know the buying trends of other shoppers.

One Click Shopping

Currently e-commerce sites involve too many unnecessary stages in a shopping process. Now there’s a need to make ecommerce as simple as possible. Apple’s iTunes store has shown us the trick by ditching cart and introducing one click shopping environment.

Even in the real life, cart is a mere drag and shoppers feel uneasy with that. Shopping is as simple as liking an article and then simply ordering for it. That’s what we can achieve in e-commerce as well.

Get Your Mobile Ecommerce into Action

Figures about social media engagement over mobiles are getting increasingly interesting. Recent stats show that more than half of Facebook users use Facebook at their mobiles. Desktops are losing their grounds steadily. So it’s time to make most out of this scenario.

After creating social coating over your products, try to catch the customers over their mobiles. Make sure that you are easily found on mobiles and that you have breathe-easy shopping environment.

Ecommerce is undoubtedly a gold mine and lots of entrepreneurs are making fortunes out here. Don’t forget to visit our web application development services before you jump in the bandwagon!

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