Social media advantages yet to be exploited by businesses

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According to new research released by CompTIA, despite the fact that its been a significant time span that social media is around, the businesses globally are slow to take the full advantage of the tools. This is where the role of an experienced and knowledgeable IT advisory comes in.
The research into the specific website usage showed that most of the businesses resort to ‘FaceBook’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘LinkedIn’ networking sites. What they really lack is the knowledge of organization specific social media and networking tools.
Wining organizations use social media to keep in pace with the tastes and desires of the target population. The networking websites provide the much needed feedback about how the product or service being offered is faring in general public.

The survey pinpointed 5 specific advantages of using networking sites

-Improved to and fro link with the consumers
-Better value creation
-Product or service branding improvement
-Enhanced customer servicing
-New business opportunities generation

All of these five benefits constitute crucial aspects for a business to thrive upon. Then why it is that organizations are slow to embrace the social media. CompTia views it basically the result of lack of trust on the networking sites. Firms are used to the old methods for making changes in the customer servicing infrastructure or organizational setup. They lack the motivation to make fast paced changes as a result of real time feedback received through networking websites and social media.

Corporate website and applications development must be undertaken with a holistic view and keeping in mind the competitive organizations that are already in the market with the tools needed to embrace the fast paced change.

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