Social media finds new target – Biology. What next?

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It seems that the list of ever increasing applications of social media has ascended another rung, as scientists at Sydney’s ‘Royal Botanical Garden’ used Facebook to track a certain type of cockatoos. Researchers were interested in the breeding patterns of ‘Cacatua galerita’  species of cockatoos that are generally found in Australian forests. The type is known for its destructive habits and shrieking sounds.

The usual method to track such birds, involves capturing individual birds and fitting them with tags. However the method has serious limitation as it cannot be applied to a relatively large population. Moreover cockatoos under study are large birds, capturing them has its own dangers including serious bites.

In order to overcome the problems the researchers used large enough tags to spot the birds. The sightings were reported via e-mail to the biologists.  The results have not been satisfactory enough, as the responses collected were not sufficient for the study. The challenge was to figure out an easier and user friendly way to report the sightings of cockatoos.

The research spearheaded and the responses started pouring in large numbers as scientists created a Facebook page for recording the data about the birds.
The research shows that social media applications really have no limit. It just needs creativity to figure out numerous ways, social media can be exploited for the use of business or otherwise.

Web development companies need to be CREATIVE ENOUGH to figure out ways to suggest businesses about using social media for educating clients about the products and services being offered and in the process increase sales.

Keeping up with the pace of the popularity and acceptance of networking sites among various segments of society should be the aim of the IT consultants globally.

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