Social Media Marketing — Biggest Challenges Faced By Businesses in 2012

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The growing importance and significance of social media in businesses can never be challenged any more but businesses aren’t fully capable to utilize the potentials and prospects offered by social media, economically. Main reason for this null-phenomena is that businesses fail to realize that ‘club or carrot’ doesn’t work any wonders, at least in social media context.

Planning and implementing intelligent social media strategy is nothing lesser daunting than arranging any frontline battalion in the battle field. Most startups hop into the social marketing environment very enthusiastically but soon take to heels as they fail to cope with insurmountable activities with little return. The most challenging aspect of social media is that it’s a 24-7, 365 days activity and just like human profiles, social business profiles need constant feeds and news.

There have been five challenges mainly tearing Social Media strategy apart.
  • 17% of the marketers fail to realize what to broadcast. Most of the companies never fully know how to make voice on social media platform, mainly due to absence of initial strategy and slipshod manner in which it’s attempted.
  • 32% of the businesses moan that they never find any time to publish any content on social media and thus they never engage with the prospects. High quality content supply to social media is a tough and time consuming task and surely it’s thousand times much more than just publishing odd blogs and linking them from other sites.
  • 28% businesses responded that they haven’t capability to write original content. With Google’s latest search algorithms, original and fresh content has gained unprecedented importance. This content would be rewarded more by search engines.
  • 10% of the businesses feel sorry because they fear engaging with customers on social media. Our clients generally ask us, how to get the people engaged with content being published at social media. Social media marketing comprises two sections, broadcast and then engagement section.
  • 13% of the companies fail to measure the rate of return on social media marketing. In fact, most of the companies just start into social media and don’t define social media objectives. Whether this is about ‘brand awareness or this is about increasing ‘subject website traffic’, or it’s about user conversion!
So, the question is ‘How to meet all these challenges properly, and how to liquefy the results into revenues?’ Red Signal is leading Web Development Company with high profile marketing experts who have served hundreds of businesses over last 7 years. We give free consultation to our clients when they share their biggest fears with us.
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