Social Media Marketing or Social Media Mar-kidding — What Are You Doing?

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Ever since World Wide Web has dawned, global marketing patterns have turned on a dime. Now, internet marketing is what marketing officers rely most. There isn’t any doubt about the wildly viral effects that internet marketing can bring and ultimately there are billions over billions of customers for targeting. But Internet marketing is a little newer and marketers often fail to understand the internet world, it’s important to tack on some professional web development company which may undertake your internet marketing campaigns.

Anyhow, if you want to dive with the little you’ve got, then it's better to start off with social media. Social Media Marketing is most frequently cited and advocated for ‘overnight’ results. So, let’s narrow it further to Facebook only.

Facebook has 1 billion users which means 1 in 13 people in the world use Facebook. So, what does that mean for a marketer? Does that mean 1 billion users are going to know about your business and perhaps millions among them would also visit your website as well and eventually, tens of thousands would turn into your consumers? It doesn’t make any sense.

There is a method even in the madness. So, be realistic and start your marketing with proper segmentation and with the study of consumer behavior. People come there for social net workings and they want to engage in discussions with their friends, peers and others as well. How does it feel when you are sitting with your friends and some seller bangs in your discussion and starts marketing his products? Keep your visibility around them but not as any desperate seller. Engage in their discussions smartly. Be active, be smart. If you have nothing nice to talk with users, better zip your mouth. Don’t burn your money blindly in Facebook ads. You need to know the demographics, professions, interests and income etc. before you target them. Be persistent and have patience.

The success of e-commerce doesn’t depend on any single factor only. It’s a chain of different inter-related processes and phases. The whole purpose of marketing is to bring customers to your website and your website would liquefy the visitors in revenue. isn't it? What if customers feel hard to get along your website? So, fix all things before customers rush towards your business. E-commerce solutions

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