Startup Marketing Tips – Primarily Focusing Over Traffic Would Kill Your Business

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What’re the top 3 approaches you adapt for reaching your ideal target markets on internet?

Ask any of the startup and you would get a reply that ‘SEO, Blogging and Social Media’, and they would tell you the terrific results that they found overnight. Now ask them,

‘Once traffic is there, how would you turn those visitors into customers’?

This is the hardest part of e-business. Head scratching, hollow stares, confused smiles and drooping shoulders are some of the common gestures that I’ve got in response. And yours won’t be much different.

Most of the startups are brown in driving traffic to their websites and are least worried about the next and rather most important business phase ‘sales’. It’s quite incomplete and imperfect approach which won’t turn any good for them. But why are they doing this? Below is the answer that our study tells.

Forceful marketing is a complex and tedious process:

Sound marketing is as invisible as air in light. Most of the startups think that they’ve got a website designed and developed and now they would ultimately get the customers in their pockets.

Good marketing content is so always invisible yet forceful enough to get the customer’s hard earned money moved to your accounts. And if they ever realize that it’s some darn sales pitch that they’re up against, they keep winding back their pockets tight.

To create such forceful impact, it’s important to have deep market understanding, up to date consumer behavior studies and resourceful analysts to encrypt data. It’s tedious process, so startups rely only on traffic and then on miracles.

Traffic brings fame and popularity:

It’s true that more traffic naturally means more people know your product and company. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that their perceptions might be encouraging for them. Popularity comes when customers cherish brands products for their value. If the hoards of traffic aren’t turning into conversion, how comes they value a company’s services.

Again, I know hundreds of people in my city, but few among them hold honor and esteem. Likewise, customers already know hundreds of the service providers, knowing you won’t turn things any good. Try to be one of the few brands that share their ideals.

Marketing is Easy and Sales is Tough

In literature, marketing encompasses sales as well as it’s all about moving products/services to the customers. But in general, we take marketing and sales as two separate fields. Marketing is really fun and I personally feel it much important. But for startups, marketing promises long-term goals only. Since, they need to develop trust in the market, they need to be patient enough to wait for tides arise for them.

Conversion isn’t all that sweet fruit for startups. A/B split testing isn’t that much interesting and it takes almost all the times to compare base line samples with variables. That is why small businesses primarily focus on marketing and not on conversions.

So What’s the Answer?

It would be unfair to put solutions in final lines of this article. If you want to improve your conversions, either mail us or wait for some other day. We’d definitely bring you the solution in a separate article.
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