The web world will not be the same in a decade; Be ready for a big change.

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Something new is ready to dawn upon in the tech world soon which could change the impact of the whole web world drastically. New Generic Top-Level Program (gTLD) is set to be launched. Don't be bewildered if you haven't heard about it because it's in puberty right now.

A "generic top-level domain" (TLP) part of the domain to the right of the dot (.com, .org, .net). 22 domains across the globe with a choice of making any word a gTLD. The program will commence on January, 2012 and to claim a gTLD companies or organizations would have to meet a specific criteria.

  • They can pony up the hefty application fee ($185,000)
  • They can prove they can afford to run a gTLD year after year
  • They can justify why they should own a particular word as a gTLD – e.g. a travel company is unlikely to be successful at justifying buying ".Apple" as a gTLD but they can justify buying ".adventure"
  • It is believed that it will have immense impact on industry, company, marketer as well as the consumer. For more details about the impacts on the world visit.
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